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Sri Lanka isn’t just beaches and cities. The island is also a hiker’s paradise boasting a whole range of treks through lush jungles and tea lines hills teeming with wildlife. Your Sri Lankan Workation wouldn’t be complete without trying at least one trek- after all, even Digital Nomads have to take a break from the laptop, and try a Digital Detox at some point in the week, right?!

We caught up with our Trail Specialist, Noémi, to find out more about her hiking trip and Digital Detox at Bible Rock last year!


Q: So why did you choose to go hiking at Bible Rock?

I’d been working really hard and was starting to feel a little chained to my laptop, so I decided I needed a Digital Detox urgently and a chance to get back in touch with nature! I chose to go to Bible Rock specifically, as I felt it was really different from all the other options for trekking in Sri Lanka. Unlike other treks, you can actually camp at the summit, so it felt like a really fun and adventurous way to kick start my holiday! Also, not many people know that there is actually a cave at the summit called Loku Hamudururwo, which looks amazing!

The sunrise at the top of Bible Rock!

Q: How long did it take?

It took about two hours to reach the summit of Bible Rock. I would recommend it to beginner hikers but bear in mind that there are spots where the path can get a little tricky, so definitely don’t try to hike it without a guide!

Our group!

Q: What was the best part of the trek?

Oh, that’s easy! Seeing the Sri Lankan eagles in the morning was a real highlight of the trip! They’re known for nesting at Bible Rock so we got to see the eagles up close and personal! It was also really special to wake up early and see the sunrise over the jungle below!

Toasted Marshmallows to ease those post-hike aches and pains!

Q: Any other tips?

Remember that it can still be very hot, even in the highlands of the island! An earlier start is always better than a later start, and there’s no such thing as too much water- not only will you beat the heat of the midday sun but you’ll also get to see a stunning sunrise! A lot of the treks also run through some very dense jungles, with lots of unpredictable wildlife, so always book a local guide with you, as it can occasionally be safer to hack a new trail through the jungle with a machete than walk along the well-worn established path! If you really can’t be without the comforts of reliable WiFi and access to pastries from P&S for even one night, check out our Nomad Trails Station in Kandy which is just a short drive away from the base at Bible Rock!

What a view!

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