How many people live in the building?

It varies depending on the location you choose to stay at. However, in all of our Nomad Trails stations, we try to keep a maximum of 10 to 12 people so it’s easier to focus and be productive. The other reason why we try to keep our community to a small number in each place at any given time is so we have more time and opportunity to get to know each other.

Will I have my own room or do I have to share?

It is entirely up to you. We offer single and double rooms as well as rooms with two beds. You can decide to alternate between a room for yourself and a shared room depending on how long you want to spend in each station.

You can let us know your preference and whether you are okay to stay in a shared (same gender) room or if you would rather have your own space, the price varying depending on the option you choose.

Who else will be staying in the Nomad Trails stations?

Other location independent workers and digital nomads travelling or living in Sri Lanka for the time being. In some of our stations you will also find people who live in the area, locals and other foreigners, who prefer working from the station than from home. If you work from one of our Business Hubs you will meet a lot of small local companies as well.

What kind of activities will I have access to?

We organise weekends away and activities for our trailers, but never anything that you have to take part in, it remains your choice entirely. In the stations where people tend to stay longer, we organize workshops, seminars, creative thinking sessions and meet ups to get to know each other and for your business to benefit from your stay in Sri Lanka.

If I come with my own surfing or kite surfing equipment?

We can keep your equipment in a secured storage room or you can decide to keep it in your room. If you are planning on exploring the hill country, we can also keep your board until you come back.

Will I be able to use Skype without disturbing others?

In our main stations, you will find a quieter area (with a white background) where you can take Skype calls. If you want complete privacy, the best option would be to take the call from your room.

In our some stations (Colombo, Kandy) you will get free access to the Business Hubs and will be able to use the meeting rooms there.

Can I host my own event?

Of course, we will be delighted to assist you and organise any event where you can share your experience with other trailers. Our team will be happy to support you with the details of the event planning!  

What happens if I want to change my plan?

We will try to accommodate you as much as possible depending on the availability of other places and according to our reservation terms and conditions.  We do not want you to feel trapped in a place and we understand that you have chosen to work remotely in order to have more flexibility and freedom and so to the best of our ability we will always try to keep an open mind when it comes to last minute changes.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the accommodation in the Nomad Trails stations or partner accommodation, breakfast every morning so you can focus on work from the first hours of the day (Breakfast may be cooked by the host or, in some stations, the ingredients only will be provided), a welcome to the island kit including a Sim card and some data to get you started, membership in all the Business Hubs Coworking Centres, unlimited tea and coffee in some stations, a personal contact with a trails specialist who will be able to advise and assist you throughout your stay.

Are there rooms available for families?

We can accommodate families in the same room or arrange rooms next to each other for families. Our stations only have a few rooms so it feels homely and even if you are in separate rooms, members of the same family will never be far from each other.

Do we accept students and/or seniors?

Of course! Everyone is very welcome in all of our station: whether you are writing your thesis or spending part of your retirement writing memoirs, Nomad Trails welcomes you! This principle is at the very heart of our project-. We firmly believe that it is important to share our experiences and embrace our differences!

Which neighbourhood is the house in?

Each of our stations is located close to but not in the middle of the main attractions. The aim is to provide you with a quiet and productive environment while giving you a chance to experience the activities in the area. For example, our Talpe station is located only a 15-minute ride (by Tuktuk) to Galle so you can explore the UNESCO heritage city and only 5 minutes away from Unawatuna beach so you can unwind in the evening and enjoy a more festive environment.

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