Our story

After creating the first coworking spaces in Sri Lanka, Business Hubs, we realized that we were welcoming a lot of digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs but we were unable to help them in their journey around Sri Lanka and search for good Wi-fi.  This is when we thought of developing the No

mad trails stations around Sri Lanka and started the search, travelling around the island. Before we knew it, we had become digital nomads ourselves and we simply love it!


  Our Mission

Nomad Trails aims to help location independent workers in their quest of blending work and fulfilling lifestyle. Our mission is to create a perfect work environment; a place where you can enjoy a relaxing yet productive atmosphere and be surrounded by other like minded entrepreneurs, digital nomads, location independent workers. We are also looking at making it easy for location independent workers to find the right spot to settle for the time they chose to remain in one place by carefully selecting our partners and advising you at any time on any aspect of your trip

Enjoy Working Differently!



 Our Values 

Coworking – we believe in working in the same friendly yet productive atmosphere and inspiring each other, in enjoying our environment and meeting new people on our work place

Coliving  – Sharing a living space, making friends, getting inspired, working differently and enjoying life is what we believe in.

Collaborating – we trust the best comes out of team work and collaboration, when creativity is mixed with a beautiful surrounding and like minded people.

Community – We think it is important to feel part of something and to create a community, as much a community of travellers as local community, which is why we get involved in local projects.