What is Nomad Trails?

Simply put, Nomad Trails is a network of digital nomad friendly coworking and coliving spaces in prime locations throughout Sri Lanka.

In reality, we’re so much more.

We are a sigh of relief knowing that no matter where you go in Sri Lanka you’ll be able to rely on a fast and consistent internet connection to allow you to do what you do best. We are a smile and a chat whenever you need a sounding board to work out the kinks in your latest idea or a contact for your next sale. We are a community of likeminded people who know that working hard isn’t hard when you’re working in paradise. We are your next best idea with plenty of breakout workshop sessions and retreats scheduled frequently on anything you need to know – we create the best atmosphere possible for you to be as creative and innovative as possible! We are your happy bank account knowing that everywhere you go is curated with the best standards of comfort in mind and priced to well within the budget of a Digital Nomad.  We are your new best friend – we organise frequent social events and try our best to foster an inclusive environment where there is always someone to turn to for a travel buddy or a dancing partner or a friend for life. We are a spark of adventure, knowing that the entire island is now open for you to explore. From coral reefs teeming with life washing up onto tropical beaches, to soaring mountains lined with tea plantations and dense jungles packed with wildlife. From peaceful temples and ancient ruins to lively cities buzzing with excitement. Sri Lanka has it all and now it’s open for you to explore. We are a trail of Digital Nomad hotspots created by Digital Nomads for Digital Nomads.

In short, we are your next location.